eBook: Why choose leasing? The definitive guide.

eBook: Why choose leasing?
The definitive guide.



A useful source of information on leasing for education, including the top ten questions we are often asked. 

Education establishments are increasingly turning to leasing to supplement their budgets. If you are considering leasing for your establishment we are sure you will have many questions. Our new eBook ‘Why choose leasing? The definitive guide’ will be a useful source of information for you.

In the eBook you will learn: 

  • The answers to the top ten leasing questions we are often asked by education establishments
  • All about your leasing journey, from beginning to end
  • How leasing can support the new ICT curriculum
  • How to maintain excellent standards without increasing your spending
  • What to expect from leasing and the level of service you should receive
  • How leasing can help you futureproof and prepare for new tech challenges that lie ahead in the coming years 

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